Fallout 4 confirmed for E3?

Looks like the rumor is growing about the 20-30 minute demo for Fallout 4 at E3. Shinobi’s rumors have usually come true, but this also looks like it is coming from PCGames.de. Also of note, Shinobi says there will be a Gears One remaster, Paper Mario for Wii U, and two unannounced behind closed doors […]

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Microsoft doubling down on AR?

Sony is showing off project Morpheus at E3  in 30 days, but it looks like Microsoft has something up their sleeve as well. Today Microsoft announced via Xbox Wire that Casey Hudson has been promoted to Creative Director at Microsoft Studio’s, and that he will be over-seeing most of Microsoft’s first party games and taking […]

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Halo ODST being added this month?

Today a rumored industry insider posted inside popular Podcast Facebook Group: Podcast Unlocked that Halo 3: ODST will be added this month to the Halo Master Chief Collection. This rumor comes as a promise made to begrudged fans that are still dealing with unsatisfactory multiplayer experiences in the game. Halo ODST will be made free […]

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