Bethesda E3 Press Conference 2015 Review

Bethesda E3 Press Conference 2015 Review So this years E3 has officially started with a bang and a big one. Bethesda announced: Doom, A New Bethesda Community Type website called, Battlecry, Dishonored 2, Dishonored  The Definitive Edition, Elder Scrolls Legends (Elder Scrolls Online was also show but only briefly as its already been released), Fallout […]

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Batman Arkham Knight Preview

Batman Arkham Knight Preview Here are 3 reasons why I’m excited about Batman Arkham Knight 1. The Batmobile The biggest and best change from batman arkham city is being able to go from gliding as batman to getting into the batmobile will just be brilliant. Shooting out of the Batmobile as Batman and continuing to […]

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Polygon Continues Racism Trend

Polygon published an article today showing early scenes from upcoming PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Vita, and PC game ‘Bloodstained’. The article contains a video that shows an all Japanese development team. A couple of weeks ago Polygon reported that Witcher 3’s human cast was all white people, and now they are showing videos with […]

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Suspicious Pre-E3 “Hi” Tweet

UPDATE: The tweet has been taken down. Brian Albert is an IGN Editor. A few of his favorite games of all time are Dark Souls, DOTA2, and Mass Effect. Today he suspiciously tweeted “Hi” to fellow coworker Daemon Hatfield. Both Editor’s are likely to make appearances at E3. Could this be a sign that we […]

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