Is Fallout 4 Continuing the All Caucasian Trend?



The teaser trailer for Fallout 4 was released today. Will it continue the running trend of racism in games?

The protagonist shown here is a very pale Caucasian male.


Thank God this man has some color. We can check Witcher 3’s level of diversity off the list. He is playing a sport though, which can be considered a racial stereotype.

Finally a mixed crowd. There is a Hispanic woman wearing a typical flowered sundress and an inter-racial couple enjoying a moment together.

The only problem here is that they are being denied entry to the vault. It is literally borderline segregation.

The man on the right looking at the aircraft is definitely non-Caucasian.




There is not a stereotype here other than the French man in the red table-cloth shirt running away.

Good news! Fallout 4 seems to have a high level of diversity. seems to think games have a negative racial trend.

Do you think video-games  have been unfairly on the washed-white male side of the fence lately?

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