Batman Arkham Knight Preview

Batman Arkham Knight Preview

Here are 3 reasons why I’m excited about Batman Arkham Knight

1. The Batmobile


The biggest and best change from batman arkham city is being able to go from gliding as batman to getting into the batmobile will just be brilliant. Shooting out of the Batmobile as Batman and continuing to glide and grapple will be spectacular especially with next gen graphics. A next gen focused game (xbox one, ps4 and pc). I’m  not 100% sure how i feel about battle-mode but im sure it will grow on me.

2. Dual Play

batman dual play

At first a lot of people including myself were skeptical about this feature having Nightwing, robin and Catwoman jump into fights although I have seen game-play footage of robin jumping into fights I have not seen more than one of the characters I mentioned joining Batman except for Nightwing. I am excited to see these characters joining Batman in fights and helping out and also having the ability to switch to the other character again I am not sure how this works or if 2 other characters can join. Giving the player the ability to fight along side batman sounds and looks very good providing the AI is good enough. We all remember that terrible resident evil 5 AI. I am also interested to see the dialogue between the characters involved before the fight starts, during, and after.

3.  A Next Gen Batman

next gen

By now you may guess that I am very excited for this game and with is just roughly 2 weeks away. Just to be playing a next gen Batman in the near future let alone with the new features mentioned above. Being able to finally drive the batmobile and just be Batman again with gliding and grappling around the city with gorgeous graphics (check out the multiple game-play videos on Youtube).  With I assume what will be solid game-play mechanics (we trust you Rocksteady). I have been excited for this game since its announcement following the success of the previous batman Arkham games, and with it dropping just one week after E3–its the perfect time.

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