Ryan McCaffrey Secretly Enjoys Ham

Known IGN Editor, Host of Podcast Unlocked, Tesla/Delorean enthusiast and all around nice guy Ryan McCafferry approved of ham-calling on Twitter today by favoriting a tweet from a No Mans Sky fan. The tweet was in support of naming everything name-able in the game ‘ham’. This comes as a surprise to everyone that knows Ryan understands his public In-N-Out Burger-bias.

A local Kash N Karry Deli employee has come out publicly to comment on this breaking story, “Times are changing. People are buying more ham. Burgers are out. In-n-Out is going to be out-of-business soon because people can’t get enough ham.” Do you think Ryan Secretely loves ham? “He definitely does. I heard he favorited a ham tweet and he’s in my deli buying ham at least twice a day.” Does he seem to secretly love ham? “Yes he grabs it before I can finish slicing it sometimes and stuffs it under his shirt to eat it. Sometimes he will grab the whole bag of it and run into the cereal aisle to devour it in secret.” Does he seem to secretly enjoy ham? “Yes. He motions me over with his finger to lean in and I tell him no-not-again. He is persistent though and when I finally lean in he always whispers–‘I secretly enjoy ham please don’t tell anyone.’ I guess you could say I’m more than just his deli technician at this point.”

That seems to be enough evidence to safely say Ryan McCaffrey secretly enjoys ham. I hope one day the Supreme Court will pass a law that will make all ham lovers feel comfortable enough to enjoy ham in public. Until then people that don’t feel they can tell their family about their deli choices will have to stay in hiding. Hopefully this will change in our lifetime.

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