Horizon ZD Unforgivably Flawed

Flaws: Falling deaths -too many of these  Falling and dying is an 80’s thing. Doesn’t belong in games anymore.  -Boring confusing puzzles? check. Turning dials is not a fun puzzle! Why not just skip puzzles if you suck at making them?! -Shallow upgrade system Um. I don’t FEEL the power. More upgrades plez.  -Bad writing/editing/characters […]

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‘Inside’ Xbox Exclusive Delayed?

Inside is a melancholy side-scrolling adventure where you solve puzzles to progress through the world. The trailer creates a heightened sense of isolation unmatched by any game to date.        Inside was originally set to release early 2015. The studio that made Limbo could likely release this at E3 to get the hype back […]

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Fallout 4 confirmed for E3?

Looks like the rumor is growing about the 20-30 minute demo for Fallout 4 at E3. Shinobi’s rumors have usually come true, but this also looks like it is coming from PCGames.de. Also of note, Shinobi says there will be a Gears One remaster, Paper Mario for Wii U, and two unannounced behind closed doors […]

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