Horizon ZD Unforgivably Flawed

Flaws: Falling deaths -too many of these  Falling and dying is an 80’s thing. Doesn’t belong in games anymore.  -Boring confusing puzzles? check. Turning dials is not a fun puzzle! Why not just skip puzzles if you suck at making them?! -Shallow upgrade system Um. I don’t FEEL the power. More upgrades plez.  -Bad writing/editing/characters […]

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Ryan McCaffrey Secretly Enjoys Ham

Known IGN Editor, Host of Podcast Unlocked, Tesla/Delorean enthusiast and all around nice guy Ryan McCafferry approved of ham-calling on Twitter today by favoriting a tweet from a No Mans Sky fan. The tweet was in support of naming everything name-able in the game ‘ham’. This comes as a surprise to everyone that knows Ryan […]

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Finally Castlevania is back?

Koji Igarashi is best known for developing Symphony of the night. Finally acknowledging fans outcry he has left Konami to make a spiritual successor to his most revered game. It does not have the flashy Castlevania name, but you can be assured this is going to be a joy to play. Enter Bloodstained: Ritual of […]

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Fallout 4 revealed at E3?

A 3D artist LinkedIn profile has revealed that Guillermo Del Toro’s studio is being hired by Bethesda to create a probable E3 trailer for Fallout 4. The artist’s profile notes he was hired by Mirada Studios between December 2014-March 2015 to create a “Fallout 4 cinematic trailer”. There is also a rumor that a 30 […]

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