Horizon ZD Unforgivably Flawed

Flaws: Falling deaths -too many of these  Falling and dying is an 80’s thing. Doesn’t belong in games anymore.  -Boring confusing puzzles? check. Turning dials is not a fun puzzle! Why not just skip puzzles if you suck at making them?! -Shallow upgrade system Um. I don’t FEEL the power. More upgrades plez.  -Bad writing/editing/characters […]

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Woman Gets Side Tracked Researching Toasters And Forgets To Buy Red Dead Redemption During Flash Sale

Vanessa Watley went online to buy a toaster on 7/27/15 which happened to also be the last day that Red Dead Redemption would be on sale on Xbox Live, and was unable to make either purchase do to confusion from Verified Purchaser Product reviews. She was going to buy a toaster and then buy Red […]

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Ryan McCaffrey Secretly Enjoys Ham

Known IGN Editor, Host of Podcast Unlocked, Tesla/Delorean enthusiast and all around nice guy Ryan McCafferry approved of ham-calling on Twitter today by favoriting a tweet from a No Mans Sky fan. The tweet was in support of naming everything name-able in the game ‘ham’. This comes as a surprise to everyone that knows Ryan […]

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Bethesda E3 Press Conference 2015 Review

Bethesda E3 Press Conference 2015 Review So this years E3 has officially started with a bang and a big one. Bethesda announced: Doom, A New Bethesda Community Type website called Bethesda.net, Battlecry, Dishonored 2, Dishonored  The Definitive Edition, Elder Scrolls Legends (Elder Scrolls Online was also show but only briefly as its already been released), Fallout […]

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Polygon Continues Racism Trend

Polygon published an article today showing early scenes from upcoming PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Vita, and PC game ‘Bloodstained’. The article contains a video that shows an all Japanese development team. A couple of weeks ago Polygon reported that Witcher 3’s human cast was all white people, and now they are showing videos with […]

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