Horizon ZD Unforgivably Flawed

Flaws: Falling deaths -too many of these  Falling and dying is an 80’s thing. Doesn’t belong in games anymore.  -Boring confusing puzzles? check. Turning dials is not a fun puzzle! Why not just skip puzzles if you suck at making them?! -Shallow upgrade system Um. I don’t FEEL the power. More upgrades plez.  -Bad writing/editing/characters […]

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Super Metroid Wii U Hamview Review

SUPER BURNER Super Metroid is a fantastic enigma. It’s not just an amazing romance of wall jumps and speed boosts through encounters that often push the limits of reflexes and endurance, it’s a mysterious experience that’s also charred the skin off of my thumb. Through patience, determination, and charm it’s displayed itself a classic space-capade […]

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