Batman Arkham Knight Preview

Batman Arkham Knight Preview Here are 3 reasons why I’m excited about Batman Arkham Knight 1. The Batmobile The biggest and best change from batman arkham city is being able to go from gliding as batman to getting into the batmobile will just be brilliant. Shooting out of the Batmobile as Batman and continuing to […]

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Quantum Break Release Date?

Quantum Break is a story-heavy adventure game where you befriend time alteration to solve environmental puzzles. We are not sure about what percentages of races populate the game but I’m sure we will find out at E3. The Xbox Canada site just listed the game as “Available Spring 2016.” It will most likely come out […]

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‘Inside’ Xbox Exclusive Delayed?

Inside is a melancholy side-scrolling adventure where you solve puzzles to progress through the world. The trailer creates a heightened sense of isolation unmatched by any game to date.        Inside was originally set to release early 2015. The studio that made Limbo could likely release this at E3 to get the hype back […]

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